Sustainability Strategy

Sustainable Business Model

Sustainable Business Model and Core Competencies

Sustainable business model “Resource circulation throughout the value chain”

The sustainable business model which serves as the foundation of the Oji Group is supported by three forms of recycling: “Forest recycling,” in which we practice sustainable forest management through growing, harvesting and planting trees due to the fact that approximately 60% of the raw material used in paper is recovered paper, and the remaining 40% comes from wood; “water recycling,” in which we reduce water consumption by circulating and reusing water in manufacturing processes and purify wastewater; and “paper recycling,” in which we collect and recycle paper products.
By deploying this model globally, we are working to enable our businesses to help build a sustainable society.

Sustainable business model “Resource circulation throughout the value chain”

Aiming for Further Development of the Sustainable Business Model

Toward the realization of a decarbonized society, renewable forest resources have gathered significant attention. Alongside the conventional use of wood resources as raw materials for paper manufacturing, the Oji Group is accelerating their use in fields outside of papermaking. Specifically, we are expanding our biomass power generation business, which utilizes wood chips as a primary fuel, across Japan, and are proactively making use of unused trees such as forest residues, for which few applications had previously been developed. In addition, we are accelerating green innovations for the future, including developing biomass plastics derived from cellulose, promising replacements for existing plastics; cellulose nanofiber (CNF); and wood-derived pharmaceutical products.