Promotion of Human Resources

Promotion of Human Resources

“A Company’s Strength Originates from Human Resources”
Our Group will enable diverse human resources to make the most of their capabilities.

The Oji Group's management philosophy is "Creation of Innovative Value," "Contribution to the Future and the World," and "Harmony with Nature and Society." Under the management slogan "Beyond the Boundaries," the Oji Group is working to increase its corporate value over the medium to long term.

Out of the approximately 36,000 Group employees, the percentage of overseas employees has already exceeded 50%. In this environment, the Oji Group embraces a wide variety of values and actively promotes human resource development, work style reform, and diversity.

Working style reforms in particular are extremely important. We aim to connect these to the improvement of productivity and creation of innovative values through reformed awareness in individuals and in organizations. Traditionally, uniform and rigid working styles do not allow personnel with diverse values, abilities and experiences to play an active role. Working styles based on long working hours are being corrected, but the Oji Group places even greater emphasis on working styles based on productivity.

To use diverse values and ideas in business development, it is important that we accept diversity and recognize the good in each other through promotion of diversity. Toward that end, we will acquire diversity of values and flexibility of thought, and will create an environment in which diverse individuals can make the most of their capabilities and actively participate.

The Oji Group has built a culture that combines diverse values with nearly 150 years of experience in corporate mergers and closures within its history and traditions. By further developing these activities and enhancing diversity and flexibility, we will enhance our competitiveness and grow as a corporation.

Masatoshi Kaku

Masatoshi Kaku
Diversity Promotion Committee Chairman
President and Chief Executive Officer
Oji Holdings Corporation
M. Kaku