Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement

The Oji Group will work to build relationships of trust with all its stakeholders, including shareholders and investors, customers, suppliers, employees, mass media, local communities, industry associations and non-governmental organizations, through dialogues and collaboration in an effort to increase corporate value.

Actions of stakeholder engagement

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Stakeholders Roles of the Oji Group Main means and frequency of communication Main organizations for dialogues
Shareholders and investors
  • Timely and appropriate information disclosure
  • Maximization of corporate value
  • General shareholders' meetings (annually)
  • Financial results briefing sessions (twice a year)
  • R&D update sessions for investors (annually)
  • Closed sessions with analysts / investors (as appropriate)
  • Overseas investors roadshow (twice a year)
  • Domestic and overseas mill tours (once or twice a year)
  • Corporate Governance Report (issued twice a year)
  • Integrated Report (issued annually)
  • Information disclosure on the IR information page on the corporate website (as appropriate)
  • Response to inquiries from the corporate website (as appropriate)
  • Oji Holdings General Affairs Dept.
  • Oji Management Office Corporate Planning Dept.
  • Oji Holdings Public Relations and Investor Relations Dept.
For inquiries from Oji Holdings’ corporate website, click here.
  • Offering of safe and reassuring products and services
  • Building of long-term relationships of trust
  • Response to inquiries from the corporate website (as appropriate)
  • Response to inquiries to customer service offices of group companies (as appropriate)
  • Response to inquiries on product safety (as appropriate through distribution channels)
  • Response to inquiries on wood materials (as appropriate)
  • Sales activities
  • Individual companies’ websites and social media
  • Exhibitions and others
  • Oji Holdings Public Relations and Investor Relations Dept.
  • Oji Group companies
For inquiries from Oji Holdings’ corporate website, click here.
  • Implementation of CSR procurement with environmental and social considerations
  • Material procurement activities
  • Supplier risk surveys
  • Response to inquiries from the corporate website (as appropriate)
  • Oji Group companies
  • Oji Holdings Corporate Sustainability Dept.
  • Respect for human rights
  • Promotion of diversity including work styles
  • Development and deployment of personnel
  • Health and safety activities
  • Advancement of mutual understanding between labor and management
  • Formulation of “Oji Group Corporate Code of Conduct and “Oji Group Human Rights Policy”
  • Personnel evaluation system and interviews for career and development (regularly)
  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Different surveys for employees
  • Different seminars for employees
  • Internal newsletter (issued monthly)
  • Distribution of information on the Intranet
  • Awards program
  • Labor-management consultations (regularly)
  • Central Occupational Safety and Health Committee meetings
  • Oji Management Office Human Resources Depts.
  • Oji Management Office Diversity Promotion Dept.
  • Oji Holdings Public Relations and Investor Relations Dept.
  • Oji Holdings Safety Administration Dept.
  • Oji Holdings Corporate Compliance Dept.
  • Oji Group companies
Local communities
  • Environmental activities
  • Environmental education
  • Cultural exchange
  • Job creation
  • Support for medical care and education
  • Group companies’ offices and mills
  • Oji Holdings Public Relations and Investor Relations Dept.
  • Oji Holdings Corporate Sustainability Dept.

Communication with shareholders and investors

To Investors

We are facilitating communicating with investors and securities analysts in Japan and overseas by holding Financial results briefing sessions and Closed sessions with analysts / investors.
The following explains our main IR activities in FY2020.

Activity Timing Number of participants / meetings
Financial results briefing sessions May and November 249 participants in cumulative total 
R&D update sessions for investors Postponed due to the spread of COVID-19  
Closed sessions with analysts / investors As appropriate throughout the year 127 meetings in cumulative total 
Mill tour Postponed due to the spread of COVID-19 12 participants 

Oji Holdings’ corporate website makes timely and appropriate disclosures of information by publishing corporate governance reports, integrated reports, summaries of consolidated financial and business results and other financial results materials and materials on Financial results briefing sessions.

To Shareholders

In principle, we send notification of the ordinary general meeting of shareholders three months prior to the scheduled date of the meeting to ensure that shareholders can fully study the items to be resolved. Prior to the dispatch, the Japanese and English versions are published on our website.
As an electromagnetic means of exercising voting rights, shareholders can exercise their voting rights online. Institutional investors can also use the Electronic Voting Platform operated by ICJ, Inc.
We aim to give plain explanations in the business report at the general meeting of shareholders by introducing narrations and visualizations using display monitors.

Communication with customers

In addition to its day-to-day sales activities, the Oji Group communicates closely with customers by participating in exhibitions as an exhibitor and through inquiries from customers using inquiry forms at our corporate website, and our contact points at each group companies.
In response to inquiries on product safety, we offer investigation reports, safety data sheets and other materials in an effort to provide appropriate information for customers.
(Number of inquiries on product safety in FY2020: 18,302)
(Number of inquiries on wood materials in FY2020: 307)

Communication with suppliers

Establishment and Implementation of the Oji Group Partnership Procurement Policy

The Oji Group implements CSR procurement with environmental and social considerations with the help of suppliers in accordance with the Oji Group Partnership Procurement Policy, which provides the rules to be observed in procuring all raw materials.
Regarding wood raw materials, we formulated the Wood Raw Material Procurement Policy under the Partnership Procurement Policy, because they have more items that need to be checked, such as illegal logging and biodiversity issues, than other resources to be procured.

Approval of White Logistics Movement

The Oji Group supports the White Logistics Movement. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries call on businesses to participate. We submitted a declaration of voluntary actions towards realizing sustainable logistics.

We will take the 15 actions specified in the declaration of voluntary actions to improve logistical efficiency, to stabilize logistics and to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from truck transport.
We will consider the opinions of logistical operators and make different proposals and improvements for enhancing logistical circumstances.

Declaration of voluntary actions (excerpt)

  1. Proposals for and cooperation with improvement in truck transport
    Example: Prolongation of lead time, disclosure of acceptance and delivery information in advance and improvements for shortening loading time
  2. Documentation of transport contracts and statutory compliance
    Example: Strict introduction of documented transport contracts and rectification of subcontract transactions
  3. Ensuring of safety in loading and in transport and others

White Logistics Movement

In response to the aggravating issue on the shortage of truck drivers, this movement addresses the enhancement of productivity and logistical efficiency in truck transport and the achievement of a working environment that is friendly to female truck drivers and to drivers in their 60s and older while stably maintaining the logistical operations necessary for people’s lives and industrial activities, thereby contributing to economic growth.

Communication with employees

Use of Internal Newsletter and the Intranet

The Oji Group publishes a monthly online internal newsletter titled OJI today +, in Japanese and English to distribute to employees in Japan and overseas. In addition, it is working on information sharing via the Intranet.
For the purpose of promoting mutual understanding by sharing information in the Group and boosting employees’ motivation towards accomplishing the Medium-Term Management Plan, we select topics in the Group, such as management messages, business activities and research activities, as well as key subjects, such as the environment, safety and compliance, and diversity promotion, to distribute information appropriately. As our bases and business scale expand globally, we will implement information distribution that will unite the Group and will develop employees’ sense of belonging.

Whistleblowing System

The Oji Group operates the Business Ethics Helpline in accordance with its Group Whistleblowing Regulations. It allows all officers and employees of the Group, including part-time workers, to make consultations and to deliver reports for preventing and quickly discovering violations of laws and ordinances or misconduct. Whistleblowing desks are established both internally (in Oji Holdings’ Corporate Compliance Department) and externally (at a law firm) to ensure the early discovery and correction of non-compliance with laws and ordinances, human rights abuses, such as harassment and discrimination, corrupt practices including bribery, and other misconduct. We also work to solve employees’ daily concerns related to compliance.