Responsible Procurement of Raw Material

Responsible Procurement of Raw Material

Oji Group Partnership Procurement Policy

The Oji Group, in order to fulfill its social responsibilities in business when procuring raw materials, pursues CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) procurement that takes environmental and social factors into consideration in cooperation with business partners throughout its supply chain. The Oji Group's CSR procurement activities are based on principles such as the United Nations Global Compact, the Oji Group Corporate Code of Conduct, and the Oji Group Environmental Charter. By implementing CSR procurement, we seek to contribute to a truly enriched and sustainable society.
The Oji Group requests business partners in its supply chain to take the actions enumerated below, and works together with them to help them to do so. We also expect our business partners to encourage their suppliers to take these actions.

Oji Group Partnership Procurement Policy (Overview)

The Oji Group shares the Procurement Policy with all its divisions involved in procurement, not only requesting new suppliers for their understanding before starting transactions, but also informing all existing suppliers through the procurement divisions of the revised content at the time of revision. In February 2019, we notified about 1,200 suppliers of wood raw materials, materials, wastepaper, and purchased pulp about the details of the revision, and asked them to comply with CSR procurement again.
In addition, our procurement personnel and suppliers promote good communication to expand CSR procurement that takes into consideration the environment and society throughout our supply chain.
The procurement of wood raw materials is covered by the Wood Raw Material Procurement Guidelines which are subordinate to this procurement policy because more aspects, such as illegal logging and biodiversity, need to be checked than for other procured materials. The Oji Group Partnership Procurement Policy and the Wood Raw Material Procurement Guidelines have been translated into English for suppliers all over the world.