Responsible Procurement of Raw Material

Responsible Procurement of Raw Material

The corporate social responsibility in the global supply chain has become increasingly important as the economic globalization and the increase in demand for resources in developing countries.

In April 2007, the Oji Group established the "Oji Group Partnership Procurement Policy" to implement CSR procurement with the cooperation of suppliers and other business partners when procuring raw materials and to confirm legal compliance and environmental and social impacts associated with the procurement of raw materials. We are committed to complying with laws and regulations and to checking the environmental and social impact of our raw material procurement. In addition, we have revised the "Wood Raw Material Procurement Guidelines" in April of the same year under the "Oji Paper Group Partnership Procurement Policy." Through appropriate management and use of forest resources by CSR procurement, we will contribute to the prevention of global warming and the biodiversity.

As the globalization of the business and supply chain of the Oji Group continues, it is necessary to place more importance than ever on CSR factors such as environmental consideration, labor environment and human rights, and to manage risks and to respond to improvement requests by understanding the actual situation, and to conduct procurement activities for this purpose. In addition, in consideration of the current social situation, the Environmental Action Goal 2030 includes the following statement: "We will conduct procurement in consideration of legal compliance, the environment, and society through risk assessment of suppliers in order to maintain corporate sustainability and the trust of stakeholders. In addition, as part of this initiative, we have conducted sustainability surveys for main suppliers since 2020.