Message From the President

Message From the President

The Oji Group operates a wide range of businesses across the world, including the Printing and Communications Media Business, which manufactures printing paper and newsprint, the Household and Industrial Materials Business, which manufactures packaging materials, such as corrugated containers, household paper and disposable diapers, the Functional Materials Business, which manufactures specialty paper, thermal paper, adhesive paper and film, and the Forest Resources and Environment Marketing Business, which includes the maintenance and management of the Group`s forest plantations, the manufacture and sale of pulp and the supply of electric power generated by renewable energy.

The structure of the Group's business is changing significantly, reflecting changes in how people communicate, the expansion of logistic services that enrich people`s life, and changes in lifestyles due to the COVID-19 coronavirus. To ensure that we always help society continue to grow more sustainable in this environment, we promote the use of biomass to mitigate global warming in addition to the recycling of resources including Sustainable Forest Management, Water Recycling and Paper Recycling under the management philosophy, Harmony with Nature and Society.
We also actively promote innovation. We are developing new wood-derived materials that will replace plastic.

The Oji Group will live together with society and continue to provide the safe and secure products for its customers.

Oji Holdings Corporation
Representative Director of the Board, President and CEO
M. Kaku