Message From the President

Message From the President

Based on the Management Philosophy established in 2014, which consists of "Creation of Innovative Values," "Contribution to the Future and the World" and "Harmony with Nature and Society," the Oji Group formulated new Purpose in 2022 and defined it as "Grow and manage sustainable forests, develop and deliver the products from renewable forests, and Oji will bring this world a brighter future filled with hope." Product lines that utilize renewable forest resources can replace materials and products derived from fossil resources. In addition, forests have a variety of public benefit functions, such as the absorption and fixation of CO2 and biodiversity conservation. We believe that the Oji Group's Purpose is to operate its business by fully demonstrating its extremely unique characteristics and features in response to the proposition of environmental friendliness, including addressing global warming and conserving biodiversity.

Representative Director of the Board President and Group CEO Oji Holdings Corporation Hiroyuki Isono

For the establishment of an Oji Group that utilizes a range of renewable energy resources, including wood, the main material, the conservation of the natural environment is essential from the perspective of business continuity. In addition, we recognize that climate change issues are an important management challenge, and in September 2020, established the Environmental Vision 2050 and the milestone Environmental Action Program 2030 to achieve the goal of net-zero carbon by 2050. In the Environmental Action Program 2030, we have set a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 70% or more in FY2030 compared to the level in FY2018. Of the 70% reduction, we aim to achieve 20% by reducing emissions from coal boilers, etc. and the remaining 50% by increasing the net absorption of CO2 through expansion of afforestation areas, etc.

In addition, we established the Corporate Sustainability Department under the Corporate Sustainability Division as a supervisory body for various environmental and social issues, including climate change, forests, supply chains and human rights, and established the Sustainability Committee with the Corporate Sustainability Department as its secretariat. The Committee discusses sustainability risks and measures, and promotes group-wide sustainability initiatives.

The Oji Group will continue to boldly take on challenges as a corporate group that develops and shares prosperity together with our stakeholders. We hope that our stakeholders will pay close attention, anticipate our future business development based on our new management strategies and continue to support us in our endeavors.

Representative Director of the Board
President and Group CEO
Oji Holdings Corporation