Reduction of Environmental Burden

Reduction of Environmental Burden

Fundamental Policies

The Oji Group recognizes that the reduction of the environmental burden is an important task for realizing a sustainable society. Under the Oji Group Environment Action Target 2020, we have set Limitless Challenge to Zero-Environmental Burden as a policy, aiming for zero-environmental burden in each and every operational procedure by raising environmental awareness further and integrating our technological, operational, and planning capabilities. Specifically, we promote measures for preventing pollution by striving to control the emission of chemical compounds in exhaust gas and pollutants in wastewater, save resources, and reduce and make effective use of waste.


Wastewater purification

  • Reduce BOD*1, COD*2, and SS*3 emissions intensity by 1% compared to the previous year

Exhaust gasses purification

  • Reduce Sox*4 emissions intensity by 1% compared to the previous year
  • Reduce VOC*5 emissions intensity to below the FY2010 level (plants that handle volatile organic compounds)

Waste reduction

  • [Domestic] Effective utilization rate of at least 99% in FY 2020
  • [Overseas] Effective utilization rate of at least 95% in FY 2020
  • *1BOD: Biochemical oxygen demand
  • *2COD: Chemical oxygen demand
  • *3SS: Suspended solids
  • *4SOx: Sulfur oxides
  • *5VOC: Volatile organic compounds

Environmental Action Targets 2030

The Oji group set the Environmental Action Targets 2030 which the company will start to implementation initiative in FY2021.
Hazardous waste reduction target is to reduce SOx, BOD, COD, and SS emission intensity by 15% by FY2030, with FY2018 as the base year.
In addition, VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) has set a reduction of 50% or more by FY2030, based on the VOC emission intensity in FY2010, and will work on further reduction from FY2021.

  Baseline Target year Reduction rate
SOx 2018 2030 15%
BOD 2018 2030 15%
COD 2018 2030 15%
SS 2018 2030 15%
VOC 2010 2030 At least 50%