Wastewater Purification

Wastewater Purification

Wastewater Purification

Management of Compliance with Regulatory Values

The Oji Group reduces substances of environmental concern in wastewater generated on business activities to be below regulatory values by physical and chemical treatment and release into various waterways.
We measurement pollutants and continuously in wastewater under the laws and the voluntary management values.
In cases where voluntary values are over, we take various actions for prevention of pollution.

Wastewater and Destinations
  • (1)Business sites of consolidated companies are included in the total, but nonproduction sites are excluded.
  • (2)Intensity is the volume of water intake divided by net sales.

We operate on voluntary management values that are stricter than the regulatory values to manage wastewater.
The COD emission reduction was approximately 52% or more compared to emissions of substances of environmental concern in line with the environmental regulatory values in FY2020.

  • *1 BOD(Biochemical oxygen demand)
    The amount of oxygen consumed when organic matter is broken down by aerobic microorganisms. The most widely used indicator of pollution. When BOD is high, foul odors, etc. begin to be produced.
  •    COD(Chemical oxygen demand)
    The amount of oxygen required as calculated from the amount of oxidant that is consumed when organic matter is oxidized.
  •    SS(Suspended solids)
    The amount of particulates (1-2 mm in diameter) suspended in water.
Release of Substances of Environmental Concern in FY2020 (Wastewater)
Comparison of the release of substances of environmental concern to the regulatory values (COD)

Status of Reductions in Substances of Environmental Concern in Water Wastewater

We are reinforcing the recovery of raw materials from wastewater generated by our business activity as a means of measuring substances of environmental concern at the source and reducing waste generated.
And more, we control wastewater treatment depending on the type of substance of environmental concern, coagulation sedimentation by pressurized flotation or chemical addition, neutralization, activated sludge, and biological membrane treatment, etc.

COD Emissions and Intensity
BOD Emissions and Intensity
SS Emissions and Intensity