Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational Safety and Health

Fundamental Policies

Under the policies of "thorough compliance, safety, and the environment are the foundation of our corporate activities" and "the basic principle of absolute safety priority," the Oji Group stipulates occupational safety and health in the Oji Group Corporate Code of Conduct and the Oji Group Behavior Standard.
We secure the safety and health of workers in workplaces by ensuring that every single employee recognizes these rules and standards on occupational safety and health, practices them, and complies with them. At the same time, we promote the creation of a comfortable workplace environment and create a better workplace safety climate so that all the workers in the Oji Group can work safely and with a sense of security.

Relevant section of the Oji Group Corporate Code of Conduct

2. Developing a Rewarding Work Environment with Consideration for Safety and Health

We will develop a comfortable work environment which enhances the abilities of all employees and gives consideration to workstyles that respect diversity and individuality, and to safety and health.

Relevant sections of the Oji Group Behavior Standard

17. Ensuring Safety and Health in the Workplace

With "safety as the top priority," we will ensure safety and health in the workplace, engage in safe behavior, and ensure the safety and health of all parties involved in our business. We will develop the work environment by paying sufficient attention to mental and physical health management.

22. Compliance with Company Rules

In the execution of duties, we will comply with relevant laws and regulations, the Articles of Incorporation, and other company rules which include various our regulations, employment regulations and other regulations related to human resources, operating procedures, and working manuals.

29. Open Working Environment

We will respect each person's individuality and diversity regarding assignment and workplace issues, and always do our best to achieve and maintain a working environment that makes it possible to openly discuss the issues. All management and employees are encouraged not to withhold issues that cannot be resolved in the workplace, and to consult with supervisors and relevant departments in order to strive toward a resolution.