Forest Certifications

Forest Certifications

Utilization of Forest Certification Programs

The Oji Group also manufactures FSC™ certified products using only woodchips that meet the requirements of FSC™ such as FSC™ certified wood and properly controlled wood*1. Controlled wood must meet requirements to be used in FSC™ certified products. The requirements are also specified in the Wood Raw Material Procurement Guidelines.
Suppliers with FSC™ CoC*2 certification must be audited by a third party, and by utilizing these certification systems it is possible to ensure wood raw material traceability and the management systems (such as internal training) of suppliers. The results of these audits are available on the Web.

  • *1Requirements for sourcing FSC™ Controlled Wood
    Not coming under, or confirmed to be unlikely to come under, any one of the five categories below.
    1. Illegally harvested wood;
    2. Wood harvested in violation of traditional and human rights;
    3. Wood from forests in which high conservation values are threatened by management activities;
    4. Wood from forests being converted to plantations or non-forest use; and
    5. Wood from forests in which genetically modified trees are planted.
Properly Controlled Woodchips

FSC™ Certified Products: Provision of Eco-Friendly Products

The Oji Group has acquired FSC™ -FM certification *3 for its overseas forest plantations and FSC™ -CoC certification for the Group’s manufacturing and processing operations.
The advantage of acquiring integrated certification from forests to converting plants is that it enables the Group to offer a wide range of FSC™ certified products including intermediate products such as woodchips and pulp as well as end products such as photocopying paper and paper for household use. In addition, photocopying paper and corrugated containers are recycled as waste paper. Refer to the FSC™ website for detailed information on the status of certification acquisition.

  • *2CoC certification: Confirmation of management on processing and distribution of produced wood
    CoC: Chain of Custody
  • *3FM certification: Confirmation of forest management
    FM´╝ÜForest Management
Provision of Eco-Friendly Products