Promotion of environmental compliance

Promotion of environmental compliance

Zero Environmental Accidents

The Environmental Management Office is part of the Environmental Management Department of Oji Holdings (OHD Environmental Management Office) oversees the environmental audits specified in the Group Environmental Management Regulations. We identify and reduce environmental group-wide risks to prevent environmental accidents from occurring and recurring by environmental audits.

Environmental Management System (EMS)

In a drive to encourage each worksite and company to reduce environmental risks on their own, we introduced the Environmental Management System. And we utilized a unique EMS “O-EMS” as same as third-party certifications such as ISO14001.

Reduction of Environmental Risk

Each worksite prepares an environmental hazard map to identify potential environmental risks. By rolling out outlines, causes, and measures of environmental accidents and other incidents that occurred within one worksite to other worksites, similar environmental risks are sure to be extracted and reduced.

Environmental Audits

We conduct annual environmental audits of all production sites in Japan and overseas to evaluate environmental risks from various perspectives and to confirm compliance with environmental laws and regulations and efforts to reduce environmental risks.

Environmental audit consists of the following:

  1. Primary audit in which each worksite investigates and corrects problems in environmental management on its own using a check sheet.
  2. Secondary audit in which a company that supervises worksites (or a third-party*1) verifies the result of the primary audit. There are two types of audits: on-site audit which the auditor visits the worksite and mainly checks the site, and document audit which the auditor checks only documents. The audit type for each worksite depends on the environmental risk level and management status.
  3. Tertiary audit in which each group company verifies the result of the primary and secondary audits. The OHD Environmental Management Office validates the results of the tertiary audit.
  • *1We must understand and comply with different laws and regulations in each country or region. Therefore, we utilize a local staff of global third-party organizations which become well-informed on various laws and regulations.

The worksite remedies to the problems identified through environmental audits and the supervising companies, and or OHD Environmental Management Office confirmed the correction details. In fiscal 2020, we refrained from conducting on-site audits and mainly conducted document audits due to the spread of COVID-19 infection.

Number of worksites covered   FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
Primary audit (internal audit of worksites) Japan 214 213 210
Overseas 58 58 60
Secondary audits (Number of on-site audits)
Note: The remainder are covered by document audits.
Japan 132 146 78
Overseas 47 47 5
Number of environmental accidents*2
*2 Exceedances of regulated limits
Japan 3 2 0
Overseas 1 0 0

On-site verification for environmental audits

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