Social Contributions

Contribution to Local Communities and Society

Contribution to Local Communities and Society

The Oji Group believes it is important to coexist with diverse communities to build a better, more sustainable society. And therefore, we support and promote initiatives that harmonize with local requirements and address specific environmental and social issues for a more robust and sustainable society, working hand in hand with nonprofits, NGOs, and other representatives of diverse communities based on the Group Charter of Corporate Behavior: 7. Communication with Society and Participation in Social Contribution Activities. In fiscal 2021, we contributed funds to 811 programs in Japan and overseas, amounting to approximately 279 million yen.

Social contribution activities in FY 2021

(million yen)
Main activities
In Japan 593 46 Supporting for citizens public orchestra, public science foundation, and public hospital
Overseas 218 233 Supporting for community cultural promotion, youth development, health promotion, and environmental conservation activities, etc.
Total 811 279