Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

Fundamental Policies

The Oji Group will reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to address the issue of climate change. As a matter of priority, we will reduce GHG by saving energy and shifting to non-fossil fuels. At the same time, we will expand forest plantations and maintain forests owned and managed by the Group, thereby promoting absorption and fixation of carbon dioxide.


In fiscal 2015, we set a reduction target of GHG emissions intensity for consolidated subsidiaries. We will promote the absorption of carbon dioxide by practicing Sustainable Forest Management of the Oji Group Environmental Charter, which was developed in 1997.

  • Reduce GHG emission intensity (t-CO2e/production t) in conjunction with product manufacturing by at least 10% compared tothe FY2013 level by FY2020.
    * Not including GHG emissions from the electric power business and transportation using Group vehicles.
  • The Group promotes absorption and fixation of carbon dioxide by supporting sustainable forest management including expanding forest plantations and preserving company-owned forests to contribute to achieving an 80% GHG reduction by 2050, the long-term target set by the government of Japan.

We aim to reach 170 million tons of carbon dioxide absorption and fixation by forests in FY2030 as a milestone

Management System

Under the rules of the Oji Group, risks at Group companies and business facilities in Japan and overseas, including Oji Holdings Corporation, are categorized, and a division is given responsibility for overseeing each category of risks in a Group-wide manner. The responsible division regularly reports the status of their risk management at the Group Management Meeting, which consists of directors. However, a material risk is reported at the Board of Directors meeting as needed in the judgment of the Director of the Board in charge of the division overseeing the risk in question.
Under this management system, the Environmental Management Department of Oji Holdings Corporation, which oversees the management status of the environmental risks and opportunities which have an impact on the overall Group, such as those of climate change, water resources, biodiversity, and forest management, as well as energy consumption and GHG emissions, conducts an evaluation and analysis, reports the results to the Director of the Board and Executive Officer in charge of the environment on a monthly basis, and submits and reports them to the Group Management Meeting once a year.