Health and Productivity Management

Health and Productivity Management

We approach health and productivity management as one of our initiatives in safety, environment, and compliance, which are our top priorities and most important management issues.

Oji Group Health Declaration

In accordance with our fundamental principle, “A company’s strength originates from human resources,” the Oji Group believes that the Group's growth is enabled by the good physical and mental health of every single employee and a working environment that encourages him/her to display his/her potential actively.
We will continue our efforts to ensure good health of all employees of the Group and create a safe, comfortable working environment, aiming to be a corporate group that achieves sustainable growth and contributes to society.

October 2020
Hiroyuki Isono
Representative Director of the Board
President and Group CEO
Oji Holdings Corporation

Problems concerning Health and Productivity Management of the Oji Group

  • Risk of lifestyle-related diseases faced by employees
  • Risk of diseases caused by overwork
  • Leave of absence caused by mental health problems

Numerical Targets and Results

Percentage of employees who take health examinations: 100% (target)

Result in each fiscal year (Oji HD, Oji MO)

FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
95.6% 91.1% 93.0% 99.8% 100.0%

Percentage of employees who take stress checks: 100% (target)

Result in each fiscal year (Oji HD, Oji MO)

FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
89.0% 94.7% 94.9% 97.9% 95.4%

Initiatives in Health and Productivity Management (Case examples)

Regular Health Examinations

The Group provides regular health examinations (with statutory examination items) at least once each year. In addition, major Group companies provide their employees aged 35 years or older with screenings for lifestyle-related diseases (total cholesterol, uric acid, fundoscopy, tumor markers, breast and cervical cancer screening, screening for VDT syndrome, and others) together with the health insurance union. Based on the results of the examinations, detailed follow-ups are conducted for the early detection and treatment of health problems by working in collaboration with an industrial physician.

Health Consultation Office

The Group established the Oji Group Health Consultation Office, where doctors and counselors are available to give advice, either by telephone or online, on various health problems of employees and their families, including mental health problems caused by worksite human relations and so on.
The Group also established a nationwide system that enables employees to receive face-to-face counselling services from specialized counselors by making prior appointments. The Group provides employees who have used this service with a wide variety of support based on the particulars of their issues.

Stress Check

In accordance with the law, The Oji Group ensures that employee stress check tests are conducted once annually. Employees with high stress levels are recommended to receive face-to-face guidance from doctors individually by an external service provider to which we outsource the clerical work for implementing the stress checks.
With regards to the results of the stress checks, the Group holds meetings, including reporting seminars, for responsible personnel from Group companies and divisions as well as providers of clerical work related to the implementation of the stress checks, where we provide feedback on organizational analysis and encourage them to improve their worksite environments.

Vaccination of Expatriate Employees before Dispatch

The Group recommends that employees who are to be dispatched to countries with a high risk of infectious diseases and their accompanying family members receive vaccinations that are recommended by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (hepatitis A and B, tetanus, rabies, Japanese encephalitis, polio, yellow fever, measles/rubella, and typhoid) depending on the destination, thereby preventing infection after their dispatch.

Oji Group Health and Productivity Management Promotion Structure

We established the Oji Group Health Declaration in October 2020. We are working on ensuring the good health of employees under the leadership of our Chief Health Officer (Group CEO).
Our activities for health and productivity management are promoted through cooperation between companies, health insurance unions and labor unions of the Oji Group, and the industrial physicians of each business establishment.