Benefit packages

The Oji Group supports the life of its employees and their families through its diversified benefit package systems.

Company housing and bachelors’ dormitories

We provide bachelors’ dormitories and company housing to those who have difficulty commuting from their own homes and those who are transferred and need to move so that they are able to take their new posts with peace of mind. Moreover, the company housing in the Tokyo metropolitan area has corporate-sponsored day-care facilities annexed to the housings to help employees balance their careers and caring for their children.

Asset accumulation savings

Under the asset accumulation savings system (general, pension and housing), an amount the employee chooses is taken from their monthly salaries and bonuses and saved through a financial institution that the company has contracted. The housing asset accumulation system provides financial incentives equivalent to 10% of accumulated savings to employees up to a certain age to encourage them to buy housing.

Employee shareholding association

This is a stable, reliable benefit package system in which the company provides financial incentives to employees according to their monthly contributions while enabling the employees to hold shares of the company’s stock through their monthly contributions. It increases the unity felt within the company and grow employees’ sense of participation in the management of the company.
As of September 2022, the Oji Group Employee Stock Holding Association has 4,738 members from 75 domestic Oji Group companies, with a participation rate of 24.81% and accounts for 1.98% of the issued shares. In addition, non-regular employees are also included in our members.

Defined contribution pension

The major group companies of the Oji Group offer defined contribution pensions that the employees can subscribe until they are 65 years old, while they have raised the retirement age to 65. This system helps the employees build assets to support comfortable after-retirement lives adapted to their individual life plans, as they are able to increase the amount they contribute as they wish.

Refreshment leave

Employees are allowed to take refreshment leaves at their 10th, 25th and 30th years of employment to refresh themselves in body and mind and reestablish their mindsets to work harder.

Day-care subsidies

We subsidize part of the cost of day-care when female employees return to work early after childbirth to support the continuous progress of their careers.

Leave for employees that relocate due to their spouse’s employment

We adopt a system that allows employees to take a leave of absence for a certain period of time if the employee’s spouse must move overseas for their employment and the employee wishes to accompany his or her spouse.

Company cafeteria

The headquarters and many other offices have company cafeterias offering well-balanced meals.

Collective insurance

We offer all kinds of insurance programs with discounted premiums through collective insurance contracts.

Financing system

We adopt a housing loan system that encourages employees to own their housing and a general loan system that offers financial support for children’s schooling or in the event of a disaster or illness to support employees.