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Community Development Programs

Community Development Programs

An initiative by Pan Pac Forest Products (New Zealand) continues to make a positive impact on the community.

Pan Pac has established an environmental trust which aims to enhance, restore and protect the environment and local culture by providing funding for community driven initiatives.

The latest funding round for the Pan Pac Environmental Trust closed on the 14th of May and much like the inaugural funding round last year, interest was high with the Trust receiving 10 applications for funding.
The applications are seeking funding for a range of environmental and cultural initiatives, including native tree planting projects, the construction of nurseries to grow native plants, restoration and protection of habitat for native species and education programmes to build environmental and cultural awareness.
The Pan Pac Environmental Trust has $100,000 to allocate each year and the initiative has received praise from a number of stakeholders.
Pan Pac has enjoyed seeing the positive impact it is having on the community through the projects that are being funded by the Pan Pac Environmental Trust. The initiative has shown the benefit of building partnerships between the company and the local community, with the community providing the ideas and initiatives to restore the environment and the Trust funding the execution of the ideas.

Pan Pac are excited about the positive impacts it will have on the local environment and community in the coming years.

Reece O’Leary, Environmental Manager, Pan Pac
Reece O’Leary, Environmental Manager, Pan Pac
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