Basic Policy

Basic Policy

Fundamental Policies

Resource Recycling Throughout the Industry

An outstanding feature of the Oji Group is the vast area of forests it owns. In Japan, we own 190,000 hectares of forests, which are equivalent in area to Osaka Prefecture. In addition, we have 250,000 hectares of forest plantations overseas. Forests absorb CO2 in the atmosphere and perform photosynthesis, storing and fixing the carbon trunks, branches, and so on. Approximately 12 million tons of CO2 is absorbed each year in conjunction with the growth of the Group’s 440,000 ha of forests in Japan and overseas, and timber equivalent to this absorption amount is sold inside and outside the Group and used internally for lumber products. The Group’s forest in Japan and overseas currently hold a total of 120 million tons of CO2.

The Oji Group believes that those who use trees have the responsibility to plant trees. Accordingly, we have long been working hard to achieve sustainable forest management by repeating the cycle of planting, growing, and harvesting trees and processing them into raw materials. In this process, sound, vigorously-growing forests are maintained, fulfilling their functions of fixing CO2 and conserving soil and water as well as being used for industrial purposes. (Sustainable Forest Management)

We also continue to recycle paper, aiming to achieve the rate of use of recovered paper of 65%. With the aim of further improving the rate, we will strengthen cooperation in the industry to expand the use of confidential documents and difficult-to-process waste paper and quality improvements. (Paper Recycling)

Sustainability Strategy

Aiming for Harmony with Nature and Environment

The Basic Policy of the Oji Group Environmental Charter says, “The Oji Group Environmental Charter requires the Oji Group to help create a truly enriched and sustainable society by developing business activities that harmonize with the environment from a global perspective. The Charter calls for the Oji Group to make autonomous efforts to achieve further environmental improvement, and aggressively drive its sustainable forest management, paper recycling, and global warming countermeasures forward.” Based on this policy, we undertake a range of activities in a Group-wide manner for achieving “Limitless Challenge to Zero-environmental Burden,” “Responsible Raw Materials Procurement,” and “Sustainable Forest Management,” which constitute the Environmental Action Program for 2020.

For the “Limitless Challenge to Zero-environmental Burden,” we are striving to achieve zero environmental accidents and product liability accidents and a further reduction in the environmentally hazardous substances generated in our manufacturing process, such as wastewater, exhaust gas, and waste, by raising the environmental awareness of all officers and employees further and integrating our technological, operational, and planning capabilities.

For “Responsible Raw Materials Procurement,” we procure raw materials with environmental and social considerations by confirming their safety and legality in accordance with the Oji Group Partnership Procurement Policy and the Wood Raw Material Procurement Guidelines, which are based on the philosophies of the Oji Group Corporate Code of Conduct and the Oji Group Environmental Charter.

For “Sustainable Forest Management,” we are promoting the acquisition of forest certifications and the expansion of the lineup of environmentally-friendly products, including forest-certified products, to achieve the conservation of forest functions and the sustainable use of forest resources. We believe that these certifications and products support our sustainable forest management. To acquire forest certifications for all the forests we manage and own in the world, we will continue to manage our forests in a sustainable manner and promote the lumber processing business aggressively, thereby contributing to the revival of the domestic forestry industry and forest restoration.

In the Oji Group, every single employee, including management team members, will retain environmental awareness and address global environmental issues proactively, thereby contributing to achieving a sustainable society.