Sustainability Strategy

Basic Policy on Sustainability Initiatives

Basic Policy on Sustainability Initiatives

For more than 140 years since its founding in 1873, the Oji Group has achieved continuous growth through the expansion of its business fields. Our management philosophy is “Creation of Innovative Value,” “Contribution to the Future and the World,” and “Harmony with Nature and Society.” By promoting sustainable initiatives based on this philosophy, we aim to become a corporate group that continues to grow, while responding to change and creating sustainable value for the future.

We aim to build a sustainable society through our business activities

The sustainable business model which serves as the foundation of the Oji Group, “Resource circulation throughout the value chain,” is supported by three forms of recycling: “Forest recycling,” in which we practice sustainable forest management through growing, harvesting and planting trees; “Water recycling,” in which we reduce water consumption by circulating and reusing water in manufacturing processes and purify wastewater; and “Paper recycling,” in which we collect and recycle paper products. By deploying this sustainable business model globally, we aim to build a sustainable society.

We aim to solve environmental and social issues

As a corporate group with global business operation, the Oji Group aims to contribute to the resolution of environmental and social issues in Japan and abroad. In particular, we consider “addressing climate change issues” and “responsibility to respect human rights” to be important global standards of conduct. We will share the Oji Group’s policies not only with our employees but also throughout our supply chain to ensure that they are fully understood.

We create new sustainable value

Sustainability initiatives are also an opportunity for the Oji Group to grow. In response to growing awareness of environmental issues, the Oji Group will create new value and functions from wood resources by utilizing a range of core technologies accumulated from paper manufacturing and forestation, which are the roots of the Oji Group’s founding, in order to provide products with the sustainable value demanded by society.

The Oji Group will promote sustainability initiatives through its business activities, create social and economic value, and contribute to the realization of the genuine enriched society.

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