Wastewater Purification

Wastewater Purification

Wastewater Purification

Management of Compliance with Regulatory Values

Substances of environmental concern in water drainage generated in conjunction with business activities are reduced to below regulatory standards through the use of physical and chemical treatment before water is released into various waterways.
Releases of water drainage into waterways are managed through measurement of pollutants and continuous measurement pursuant to laws and other means. In cases where voluntary standards are exceeded, suspension of operations and other measures are taken for the prevention of pollution.

Wastewater and Destinations
Business sites of consolidated companies are included in the total, but nonproduction sites are excluded.

As a result of the operations conducted in FY2019 in line with the voluntary standards, which are stricter than the regulatory values, emissions of BOD, COD and SS were reduced by approximately 49% or more compared to emissions of the substances of environmental concern in line with the environmental regulatory levels.

Release of Substances of Environmental Concern in FY2019 (Wastewater)

Water Drainage Treatment Targets and Results

The FY2019 targets for water drainage treatment were 1% year-on-year reductions in BOD, COD and SS emission intensity and none of these short-term targets were achieved.
However, the rates of emission reduction per sales relative to the reference year (FY2013) were 9.7% for BOD, 12.4% for COD and 11.5% for SS.

Reduction Target Progress

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Intensity Per Unit of Sales Revenue FY2019 FY2020
Target Results Assessment Target
BOD Kg/ \ million No more than 5.02 5.13 × Reduced by 1% to previous year
COD Kg/ \ million No more than 22.29 23.24 × Reduced by 1% to previous year
SS Kg/ \ million No more than 9.46 9.58 × Reduced by 1% to previous year

Status of Reductions in Substances of Environmental Concern in Water Drainage

The Group is reinforcing recovery of raw materials from water drainage generated from business activities, which contributes to reducing the amount of waste generated, as a means of addressing substances of environmental concern at the source. In addition, coagulation and precipitation through pressure flotation and the addition of chemicals, neutralization, activated sludge, biofilm treatment, and other measures are employed depending on the type of substance of environmental concern.
BOD, COD, and SS emissions intensity have been trending downward since FY2014.
To achieve the short-term targets (1% year-on-year reduction in emission intensity), in FY2020, operational improvements in wastewater treatment will be implemented and measures will be taken to reduce substances of environmental concern at overseas business sites in the same manner as domestic sites.

COD Emissions and Intensity
BOD Emissions and Intensity
SS Emissions and Intensity