Stable Supply of Safe and Secure Products

Stable Supply of Safe and Secure Products

Product Safety Charter

Product Safety Charter

The Oji Group delivers safe products, fully recognizing that its corporate social responsibility entails providing quality and services that enable customers to use its products with peace of mind. Going forward, we will continue to fulfill the trust of our customers by ensuring that all of our employees reliably implement the following commitments.

  1. Complying with all safety-related laws and regulations, we will also implement appropriate management to follow voluntary standards.
  2. We will continually improve our Group-wide quality control system, striving to ensure safety.
  3. We will provide timely and appropriate information on product safety and proper usage.
  4. We will proactively gather information on products involved in incidents and make reports to relevant authorities in compliance with the law. We will also faithfully take necessary action to find the root causes of incidents and strive to prevent their recurrence.
  5. We will continuously review our management system through regular internal audits, always striving for improvement.

Established: January 1, 1995‚Äč

Confirmation of Raw Material (Chemical) Safety and Provision of Information to Customers

The Group confirms the safety of the chemicals (including materials) during the selection phase of procurement in an effort to improve product safety. The Group also provides information to customers.

Confirmation of the Safety of Chemicals Used

The safety of chemicals used is ensured by means of a Pre-use Evaluation System and Information Updating System.

Pre-use Evaluation System

When considering the use of a new chemical, the Oji Group conducts a pre-use assessment by checking laws and regulations, hazard information, and green procurement by major industry associations, etc. using proprietary pre-use evaluation sheets and makes a determination whether the chemical can be used.

Information Updating System

Chemical substance management regimes are being strengthened in Japan and overseas, and accordingly, the Group regularly updates evaluation sheets and information by regularly evaluating chemicals in use and confirms their safety.

Provision of information to customers

The Group responds to customer inquiries based on safety information for various chemicals verified using the Pre-use Evaluation System and the Information Updating System.Responses to customer inquiries are made using Research Reports*1, Article Information Sheets (AIS)*2,Safety Data Sheets (SDS)*3 and other information.