Sustainability Committee

Sustainability Committee

As the world takes a significant step toward achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, the role expected of the Oji Group and the responsibility to fulfill is further increasing in response to various environmental and social issues, including climate change, forests, supply chains, and human rights.
The Oji Group has established the Corporate Sustainability Dept. under the Corporate Sustainability Div. and the Sustainability Committee with its secretariat.

(1) Role of the Committee

The Committee discusses sustainability risks and their countermeasures and promotes them throughout the group. Specifically, the Committee identifies risks, formulates policies, issues, and action plans for the identified risks, monitors progress, and evaluates achievement status. The Committee then reports the results of its deliberations and achievement status to the Group Management Committee and the Board of Directors.

(2) Composition of the Committee

The Representative Director of the Board (President and Group CEO) chairs this Committee which consists of the General Manager of the Corporate Sustainability Division, the General Manager of the Corporate Governance Division, the COMPANY Presidents, and Oji Holdings Directors appointed by the Group CEO.

(3) Matters to be discussed by the Committee (tentative)

  • Climate change risks and countermeasures
  • Matters related to sustainable forest management
  • Supply chain risk and countermeasures
  • Environmental risks and countermeasures
  • Human rights risks and countermeasures
  • Inclusion and Diversity Promotion
  • Other important issues and measures related to sustainability including business ethics and compliance.