Promotion of Working Style Reforms

Promotion of Working Style Reforms

Base on our fundamental principle, “a company’s strength originates from human resources.”, we strive to create a working environment that encourages every single employee to fully display his/her potential.

We have been implementing business reforms to reduce overtime work and total working hours.

Reduction of total working hours
Reduction of total working hours (28 Oji Group companies and divisions in the Tokyo Main Office region)

Examples of measures to institute more flexible working styles

  • Use of flex-time systems
  • Setting the maximum limit for overtime work hours
  • Full compensatory leave for working on holidays
  • Encouragement of paid annual leave usage
  • Working from home (in response to COVID-19), etc.

Initiatives to establish personnel systems for promoting working style reforms

In order to reliably carry out the tasks in line with the management strategy, we are working to establish a personnel system that enhances the effectiveness of working style reforms.

①Role-based personnel grading system

The company and employee confirm each other’s role grades (required role and expected level), and the company evaluates fairly the performance according to each role expected level and the degree of achievement, outcome, and goal achievement of each person for the given task. And, the company provides appropriate treatment (Personnel promotion and demotion, Salary increase and decrease, bonuses, etc.) and development of abilities (human resources development) without discrimination based on the attributes of employees.

②Certified researcher system and creative personnel development system

To promote the creation of innovative value, the Group grants researchers with particularly high levels of specialized knowledge discretion regarding their work styles and provides working environments that allow them to focus on research.

③Retirement at age 65

Introduced in FY2017 to enable employees to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and abilities to the fullest and work with enthusiasm.

  • *Introduced at 10 Group companies.