Developing and Strengthening Human Resources

Developing and Strengthening Human Resources

In seeking to enhance corporate value, we believe it is important for every employee to embrace diversity of values and flexibility in thinking and to enhance his/her skills. For the Oji Group to grow as a global enterprise “beyond boundaries,” we are implementing human resource strategies aimed at enhancing corporate value based on the Oji Group Human Resource Philosophy, in accordance with our fundamental principle, “a company’s strength originates from human resources.”

As a human resources strategy for enhancing corporate value, the Oji Group is implementing measures in three areas based on the Oji Group Human Resource Philosophy.
In the context of human resources development, we are focusing on developing human resources who can accomplish management strategies, particularly global human resources.
As part of working style reforms and health and productivity management, we are striving to reduce total working hours and improve operational efficiency, while also concentrating on health and productivity management in consideration of our employees’ health.
In terms of inclusion and diversity, we continue to take steps in line with the diversity promotion policies in seeking to build workplaces where all employees, regardless of their background, can fully demonstrate their potential with peace of mind.

Oji Group Human Resource Philosophy
Our Goal

Human Resource Development

The Oji Group is developing human resources in line with the Oji Group Human Resource Philosophy, and is striving to develop global human resources who can accomplish management strategies. We are constructing facilities for employee exchange and training in Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture. Going forward, we will review our current training system on the premise of selective human resource development training centered on global training, and provide cross-COMPANY training sessions across the Group.

Human Resource Development
We switched to online training in FY2020 to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Human Resource Development Program

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Goals Name of training Eligible employees Outline
Global human resource
New employee
global challenge
Employees in their
first year
Selected new employees are sent to
an over-seas site for one week
Overseas training for
young employee (as trainees)
Employees in their
fifth to tenth year
Three months of language training, followed by two years
of practical experience at an over-seas site. Develops immediately
effective human resources
Oji Global School Employees at the
age of 31 to 45
Six months of language training in Japan, followed by
overseas assignment. Develops effective human resources
for international business in a short time
Online English
conversation classes
All employees who apply Increases overall English ability and develops cross-cultural
communication capacity
Management training New manager training New managers Manager duties, HR programs, and evaluator training
New general manager training General manager level Improve practical communication skills such as diversity
management and being assertive
Managerial personnel
Career building training for employees
on the generalist track
employees on the
generalist track
Understand the functions required of managers, and improve
capabilities for setting and solving issues
Career design Career design training for young employees
on the generalist track
3rd year employees
in the generalist track
Assess their own abilities and establish goals for career
Support for employee
ability development
Personal-empowerment system Qualified individuals Support employees in their autonomous and
continuing development of their abilities

Skill Development and Training for Employees