Sustainable Forest Management Policy

Oji Group Sustainable Forest Policy

Oji Group Sustainable Forest Management Policy

Established: April 1, 2022

The Oji Group owns and manages vast forests and practices sustainable forest management in harmony with the environment and local communities based on our management philosophy, Harmony with Nature and Society.
Our business activities and local communities rely on ecosystem services such as water, climate control and forest products, while our forestry activities impact ecosystems, natural landscapes, and biodiversity. Therefore, we understand our responsibility of managing the forests we own and manage in an environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable way.

Complying with the relevant local, national and regional laws and all relevant international conventions and agreements regarding forest management and based on the applicable internationally recognized principles, we will:

  1. be complicit in neither deforestation nor illegal logging.
  2. safeguard ecological health and functionality and promote sustainable forest and land management practices that aid the conservation of biodiversity, soil, and water resources.
  3. respect the human rights of all people, not discriminate or act with prejudice, and never engage in the utilization of child labor or forced labor.
  4. respect the unique economic and cultural rights and the legitimate rights of indigenous peoples, including traditional lands and land use.
  5. contribute to maintaining or enhancing local communities' social and economic well-being.
  6. monitor the condition of forests and the results of management activities, and verify sustainable forest management using tools such as forest certifications.
  • *We procure raw materials following the Oji Group Partnership Procurement Policy and the Wood Raw Materials Procurement Guidelines as established separately.