[Topic 1] Action on climate change Toward the realization of a low-carbon society

[Topic 1] Action on climate change<br>Toward the realization of a low-carbon society

[Topic 1] Action on climate change Toward the realization of a low-carbon society

For the Oji Group that utilizes a range of renewable energy resources, including wood, the main material, the conservation of the natural environment is essential from the perspective of business continuity. We also believe that it will be able to enhance the sustainability of its business activities through proactive measures to address the issue of climate change.
With a view to realizing the desired future image of the Group, we established the target of achieving "net-zero carbon" by 2050, and in its Environmental Action Program 2030 established the target of reducing greenhouse gas (hereinafter "GHG") emissions by 70% (compared to 7,836 thousand tons in FY2018). With this target in mind, we position the following two actions as key initiatives: the promotion of CO2 absorption and fixation through the sustainable management of the Oji Forests, and GHG emissions reduction through a range of measures such as the acceleration of the shift to renewable energy including biomass and hydroelectric power, the improvement of the efficiency of logistic services, and the implementation of full-scale efforts to conserve energy. To increase the probability of meeting its targets, we have been taking measures including the creation of a roadmap toward the achievement of its targets and the formation of project teams.


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  Category Item Target by FY2030
GHG emissions reduction and
net increment in carbon stocks
kilo ton/yr –CO2e Reduction Rate
GHG emissions are reduced by Increase energy efficiency Continue efforts to conserve energy 204 2.6%
Increase the percentage of renewable energy used Reduce the amount of coal-based power used 508 6.5%
End the sale of electricity generated from fossil fuels. 279 3.6%
Install solar power generation panels for in-house power generation. 60 0.7%
Transform the business structure Facilitate transformation into a business structure with lower GHG emissions 516 6.6%
Subtotal GHG emissions reduction 1,567 20%
Net increment in carbon stocks by forests* Invest in forest maintenance and tree planting Expand plantation forests 3,918 50%
Net GHG emissions reduction in total 5,485 70%
  • *Net increment in carbon stocks by forests = CO2 absorbed per year with the growth of trees - CO2 emissions per year with felling

Net GHG emissions in FY2020

We achieved a 17% reduction in FY2020 against the target of a 70% reduction (including net increment in carbon stocks by forests) for FY2030. Going forward, we will actively promote GHG emissions reduction and the expansion of net increment in carbon stocks by forests.

Net GHG emissions